Our Values - Bonn & Schmitt
Our Values - Bonn & Schmitt
Our Values - Bonn & Schmitt

Our Values

Our strength is drawn from our diversity. Our multi-cultural teams include members from Latin America, the Caribbean, Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Monte Carlo with strong links to the US, Italy, Portugal and other EU member states. We actively recruit in and from other countries and from differing experiential profiles to reinforce our dynamic working groups. We believe that access to varied viewpoints and analytical considerations allows us to see more completely issues and opportunities that arise during projects.

Fostering an organic network and culture of cooperation both within the firm and in our professional dealings is important to us. Of paramount importance to us is the maintenance of strong client relationships and, to this end, we are continuously working to ensure our clients’ needs are understood and met in a manner tailored to most suit their business needs.  Our people possess the highest standards of professional and personal excellence and are committed to working together in a culture where the utmost respect, integrity and solidarity remain at the heart of our values.

Ongoing contributions to the collective knowledge of the firm, through review and research of legal developments, encourage innovation across the board. Some of our members are actively involved with local universities as expert practitioners lecturing on a variety of business and tax law subjects, while others contribute to industry technical committees and review groups advising the local regulators.

We have a passion for contemporary art and combine this passion with our expertise when we act in a pro bono capacity as legal advisors to the MUDAM, Luxembourg’s museum of contemporary art.

148, Avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg

BP 522 L-2015 Luxembourg
Tél: +352 27 855
Fax: +352 27 855 855
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